Shaping the future of Ribble Valley

Closed: 15 June 2012

Ribble Valley Borough Council is in the final stages of producing its Core Strategy 2008-28 and residents are invited to have their say.  


The strategy will guide development in the borough until 2028, including how many new houses the borough needs and where they might be built. On Wednesday, April 4, a special meeting of Ribble Valley Borough Council’s planning committee decided on its “preferred option,” which – along with accompanying reports – is now subject to a six-week consultation. 


Residents are being invited to comment on whether the strategy has been prepared in accordance with legal and procedural requirements, and whether it is “sound”. Although residents may have already commented on the core strategy, it is representations submitted to this consultation that will be presented to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate. 


The consultation ends on Friday, June 15.


Before completing this form to make any comments, please ensure that you have read the Core Strategy document and the Guidance Notes, which can be found on Ribble Valley Borough Council's website and follow the Core Strategy link.  If after reading the Guidance Notes you should have any queries in completing the form please telephone 01200 425111.


Many thanks in advance for helping us to shape the future of our borough.


Please note that this consultation has now closed. Thanks to all those that took part. We will publish the findings on this page as soon as they become available.


Follow up


Update - Monday 25th June 2012

The findings from the consultation are currently being analysed. This should be completed by Monday 9th July where a decision will be made whether to re-consult, amend the report or to submit the report to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate.

Update - Tuesday 19th July 2012

Work is currently ongoing with sorting through the many comments received. A report will be given at the Planning & Development committee meeting towards the end of September. The report will then submitted to the Government's Planning Inspectorate. It is hoped that the strategy will be formally adopted by the end of 2012.

Update - Tuesday 09th October 2012 

The report was presented at the recent Planning and Development committee where members reviewed and noted it. The report will now be submitted to the Government's Planning Inspectorate to seek adoption. This should be formally adpopted by the end of 2012. Will will update this page when the Council has heard back from the Inspectorate with any developments.

Update - Wednesday 05th December 2012

Just to keep you informed, Ribble Valley are still awaiting to hear back from the Planning Inspectorate. The document was formally submitted to the Secretary of State on 28th September and it is still hoped that a response will be received before the new year.

Update - Monday 07th January 2013

Ribble Valley are still awaiting a response from the Planning Inspectorate. The Inspectorate has informed the Council that a response should now be sent through by the end of January.

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